Terms and conditions


The measures which follow establish the general terms of sale for the products proposed by the company Version Française on its retail website at the following address: www.pozzodiborgo-parfums.com. The Company Version Française thus invites you to read attentively the following clauses.

In the measures, the present general terms of sale, we understand by:
" The Company ": the company Version Française, SARL with a capital of 45 000 € having its head office situated in 38 rue de l'université 75007 Paris registered in the RCS of Paris under n°534.430.236, the identification of which is specified in the article 1 " the Web site ": the site http: // www.pozzodiborgo-parfums.com, belonging to the company Version Française. " Products ": all the products available for sale on the Web site. " The Buyer ": every potential buyer, natural or legal entity, susceptible to buy one or several products on the Web site.

The present general terms & conditions apply, without limitation nor reserve, to all the Products available for sale, on the Web site of the Company.
These general terms of sale will prevail over any other conditions appearing in any other document, except preliminary, express and written dispensation.
Version Française reserves the right to bring modifications to these general terms of sale, which will be valid and applicable to their on-line publishing on the website. It is thus indispensable to read attentively the terms of sale to every order that you place on this website.


The site is the property of the company Version Française in its totality, as well as all the rights.
Logos, Brands, and almost totality of photos, texts reproduced on our site are the property of the houses of memberships.
Consequently, neither the Web site nor the Contents, nor the Brands and others can be used, reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, made accessible, modified or exploited by any other way, in all or in part, whatever purpose it is, without the agreement preliminary and written by Version Française and various houses presented in our Site of E-commerce.

Article 1: Purpose

The present contract determines the rights and duties of the company Version Française and of the consumer under the sale of products proposed by the company Version Française on its website www.pozzodiborgo-parfums.com Version Française - 38, rue de l' Université - 75007 Paris - France Siret : 534 430 236 00016 - intra VAT. FR 30 534 430 236.

Article 2: Applicable Law

The rights and duties of the parts are governed by the French law. The seller makes choice of residence in its head office. In case of contesting relative to the execution of a sale contract or to the payment of the price, to the interpretation or the execution of the present terms of sale, the Commercial court of the place of the head office of the seller will be the competent only one, whatever the place of delivery.

Article 3: Products

All the essential characteristics of the proposed products appears on the website by means of photos and of text. Photos illustrating Products are only indicative and do not enter the contractual field. If errors got there the responsibility of Version Française cannot be committed. Version Française makes a commitment to make the best efforts to correct as fast as possible the errors or the omissions having been informed about it.
The Company reserves the right to modify the assortment of Products, to add new Products, to delete all or part of the Products sold or presented on the Web site, to change their presentation or to stop their marketing, and that without being  forced to inform the buyer about it before. Products presented on the Web site, are sold while stocks last and according to availability of its suppliers and manufacturers.

Article 4: Acceptance of the conditions

The customer recognizes to have acquainted, at the time of the signing of order, particular conditions of sale expressed on this website and expressly declares to accept them without reserve. To fill the order form and " to confirm the order " is worth full and whole acceptance of the present general terms & conditions. These general terms of sale will prevail over any other conditions appearing in any other document, except preliminary, express and written dispensation.

Article 5: Order

Any order supposes the membership without limitation nor reserve for the present general terms of sale.
The systems of automatic recording are considered as being worth proof, the nature, the contents and the date of the order. Version Française confirms the acceptance of its order  to the customer at the e-mail address whom this one will have communicated. The sale will be concluded only as from the confirmation of the order.
Version Française reserves the right to cancel any order of a customer with whom would exist a dispute concerning the payment of a previous order.
The information expressed by the buyer, during the order taking commits this one: in case of error in the title of the address and phone number, the seller could not be responsible for the impossibility of delivering the product. In this context, expenses committed for the forwarding of the order are chargeable to the Buyer. Version Française reserves the right to cancel an order further to an IT bug, a hacking, a typing error or other internal or external hostility to the company.
The offers of products are valid while stocks last. In case of stock shortage, Version Française informs the customer by e-mail about the unavailability and proposes him the refund or the exchange against another article according to the wish of the buyer.

Article 6: Delivery


The delivery is made for a maximum deadline of 7 working days following the payment of the order, as a general rule by colissimo followed. For any important purchase or outside metropolitan France, inclusive Corsica, consult us previously. Indeed, for the deliveries outside metropolitan France the customer makes a commitment to adjust the taxes due to the import of products, customs duty, value-added tax, and quite different taxes were owed by virtue of the laws of the country of reception of the order.
The information expressed by the buyer, during the order commits this one: in case of error in the title of the address and phone number (name, first name, number and street name, zip code, city name phone number or e-mail address), the seller could not be kept responsible for the impossibility in which he could be to deliver the product.
If the Buyer wishes two places of delivery, he makes then 2 orders, with the associated expenses of deliveries.
If two weeks after the indicative date of delivery, the product was not delivered, for any other cause that a case of absolute necessity, the sale can be then solved and the buyer to obtain refund with the exception of any other compensation or damages. The disasters, the administrative decision, the stop of transport, natural disasters, war, riot, fire, strikes are considered as cases of absolute necessity unloading the seller of its obligation to deliver, the accidents and the postal strike.

The Company will inform the Buyer, for the reasonable deadline, about cases and events of force majeure susceptible to perturb the process of delivery of the ordered Product.
All the orders spent to the company Version Française are intended for the personal use of the customers, the customers or the addressees of products refrain themselves from any partial or total resale of products. The possible delays do not give the right to the buyer to demand damages.

Article 7: Reception

Always verify your parcel on arrival for possible reserves with the carrier in case of missing or degradation.
All the complaints relative to a defect of the delivered goods, to an error in the quantities or the references must be indicated in writing within 48 hours upon receipt of the command order, failing which the right for complaint will stop without possibility of recourse for the consumer. Not distribution:
Version Française could not be held responsible:
- Of the absence of delivery of the parcel because of the not removal by the customer of the parcel sent and held at his/her disposal the post office or the carrier during legal deadlines of 15 days.
- Of the impossibility made for the carrier to deliver the parcel in particular because of error or of omission in the on-line seizure of the delivery address, the not indication of a code of door.
In case of return of a parcel the buyer will have the possibility of asking for the forwarding of the parcel to his expenses.
Should the opposite occur credit note corresponding to the price of products underestimated by expenses engendered by the return of the parcel will be provided him with and he can ask for the refund which will intervene for a maximum deadline of 30 days as from the demand. In every case expenses engendered by the shipping of the first parcel will not be paid off.

Article 8: retraction

In the conditions planned by the article L121-16 of the code of the consumption and under the remote sale, the buyer has a cooling-off period of 7 true days as from the delivery of his goods which will be paid off to him against restoration of the delivered products. The buyer has to return the goods to their state and original packing, intact, accompanied with all the accessories, possible, notes of use and documentations at the following address:
Version Française
38 rue de l'université
75007 Paris
The return of the goods is made at expenses, risks and dangers of the buyer.
In case of exercise of the right to withdraw, the company Version Française is kept in the refund of the amount paid by the customer. The refund is due for a maximum deadline of 30 days.

Article 9: Price

The price is expressed in euros and any transaction is made in euro only.
The price indicated on product sheets does not include the transport.
The price indicated in the order  confirmation is the definitive price, expressed inclusive of all taxes and including the VAT for France and countries of the EEC. This price includes the price of products, the handling costs, the packaging and preservation of products, the costs of transport and starting.

Article 10: Payment

The price charged to the customer is the price indicated on the order confirmation sent by Version Française.
The price of the ordered articles is payable altogether to Version Française from the emission of your order form on the site, according to one of the following methods of payment: 1. Pay Pal 2. By check. The payment must be realized during the order by the Buyer. At no time, the paid amount cannot be considered as deposit or advances. All the orders are payable in euros.
Version Française reserves the right to suspend or to cancel any order and/or delivery, whatever is its nature and its level of execution, in case of nonpayment of any sum which would be due by the Buyer or in case of incident of payment.
To settle his order, the Buyer arranges following payment conditions:


Paypal is a system of secure payment which allows to send and to receive from the on-line e-money.
The sale is considered as definitive only as from the acceptance of the payment on the space Paypal of Version Française, and from the confirmation of the order by Version Française.

Bank check

The sale will be considered as concluded and will thus be sent only in reception and collection by Version Française of the check payment. Denominate your check in the order of Version Française and send it to the following address: Version Française - 38, rue de l' Université - 75007 Paris . The information registered by the computer system of Version Française establish the proof of all the transactions crossed between Version Française and his customers.
Version Française reserves the right to refuse or to cancel any new order coming from a customer with whom a dispute exists.

Article 11: Return of products

The Company, after check and effective observation of the visible anomalies of one or several Products, or the errors on the delivered order, will propose to the Buyer the following options: - the delivery chargeable to the Company, to one or several products according to his its initial order or the cancellation of all or part of the order and consequently the refund of the buyer if his bank account was debited, with the exception of any compensation or of damages.
For both cases, above, expenses of delivery committed by the Buyer to return one or several concerned Products will be paid off to the Buyer with the exception of any compensation or of damages.
The documentary evidence of the expenses of delivery must be necessarily added to the parcel. In case of absence, no refund can be required by the Buyer.
These expenses can be also credited in the form of voucher of purchase or credit note, to cost on a next order, if the Buyer wishes it.
The Company reserves the right to refuse any return not in compliance with the mentioned conditions.

Article 12: Disputes

The present contract is subjected to the French law. Neither the company Version Française nor the brands which we propose for sale cannot be kept for persons in charge of the damage of all kinds, so material as immaterial or physical, who could result from a malfunction or from a misuse of the marketed products. It's the same for the possible modifications of products resulting from manufacturers.
The Company could not be kept for person in charge of the non-fulfillment of the contract concluded in case of stock shortage or unavailability of the product, the force majeure, the disturbance or the all-out or partial strike in particular postal services and means of transportation and/or communications, flood, fire.
The responsibility of Version Française will be limited, in any case, to the amount of the order and could not be questioned for simple errors or omissions which would have been able to remain in spite of all the precautions taken in the presentation(display) of products In case of difficulties in the application of the present contract, the buyer has the possibility, before any legal action, of looking for an amicable solution in particular with the help(assistant): of a professional association of the branch, an association of consumers or any other council of its choice.
It is reminded that the search for the amicable solution does not interrupt the " brief deadline " of the legal guarantee, nor the contractual duration of the guarantee.
It is called back that as a general rule and subject to the appreciation of the Courts, the respect for the measures of the present contract relative to the contractual guarantee supposes that the buyer honors his financial commitments to the seller.
The complaints or the challenges will always be received with attentive benevolence, the good faith being always presumed at the one who makes the effort to expose his situations. In case of dispute, the customer will address by priority the company to obtain an amicable solution.
Failing that, the Commercial court of the city PARIS is only competent, whatever the place of delivery and the method of payment accepted.

Article 13: Guarantee

Version Française guarantees that the products that it presents for sale on the Web site are in working order and of use and do not present defects, nor latent defects making them dangerous or unfit for their normal use, the granted contractual guarantee is the one usually granted by the supplier.
Besides the Company recommends to the Buyer and to every user of one or several Products to respect in a strict way all the indications and the advice of use registered on products and or on their packagings, by the manufacturers and/or the suppliers of the Company.
The company Version Française cannot be kept for person in charge for failure to respect the current regulatory and legislative measures in the country of reception, the responsibility of Version Française is systematically limited to the value of the questioned product, the value in its date of sale and it without possibility of recourse to the brand or the producing company of the product.
In any event, the customer benefits from the legal guarantee of eviction and from the latent defects (Art 1625 and following ones of the Civil code). On condition that the buyer gives evidence of the hidden defect, the seller legally has to repair all the consequences (art 1641 and following ones of the civil code); if the buyer addresses the courts, he has to make it for the " brief deadline " as from the discovery of the hidden defect (art 1648 of the civil code).

Article 14: Legal Information

The piece of information of the name specific information collected for the purposes of the remote sale is compulsory, this information being indispensable for the handling and the routing of the orders, the issuing of invoices and the guarantees. The defect of piece of information pulls the not validation of the order.
Any personal information which the Internet user would be brought to pass on to Version Française for the use of certain departments is subjected to statutory provisions N 78-17 " computing and liberties " of January 06th, 1978.
Furthermore, the Company makes a commitment not to communicate, free of charge or with compensation, the address and phone number of his customers with a third party, without prior authorization notified from them.
The Buyer has, according to the article 39 and 40 of the law " Computing and Liberties " of January 6th, 1978, modified by the law 2004-801 of August 6th, 2004, a right of access, rectification, modification and deletion concerning the data which concern him, and can require the deletion of messages.

Article 15: Access to the web site

Momentary interruptions can arise during the updates of the Web site.
Version Française cannot be held responsible:
- Interruptions or delays recorded on the Web site because of the execution of maintenance works, technical breakdowns, a case of absolute necessity, because of third party or of any circumstances whatever they are, independently of its will;
- Of the impossibility to reach for a moment the Web Site, due to facts independent from its  will, such as the cases of interruptions of the Internet network or failure of the material(equipment) of reception of the Buyer to the Internet network.

Article 16: " Computing and liberties "

The personal data collected by Version Française during any order of the buyer are necessary for the management of his order by Version Française and his providers.

The personal data can be used subject to the rights exercised by the concerned person, to inform this one of the products or departments supplied by Version Française and/or its business partners.

According to the law " Computing and liberties " n°78-17 of January 6th, 1978 modified, the buyer and the addressee of an order have a right to reach and to make rectify or delete the data concerning them treaties by French Version, as well as of the right to oppose to the processing of these data in purposes of direct canvassing. These rights practice with Version Française by mail sent to the Customer service of Version Française- 38 rue de l'université-75007 Paris. Or by mail:

  • newsletters
  • factual emails
  • emails of personalized offers

If the Buyer does not wish to receive any more these messages of information, he can announce it to Version Française at any time by mail sent to the Customer service of Version Française- 38 rue de l'université-75007 Paris or by email: info@pozzodiborgo-parfums.com or via the link of unsubscription contained at the bottom of each of the emails messenger by French Version. In case of problem met on this subject, the buyer can get in touch with the customer service of Version Française.